Amiko – Tracking issue with Xiaomi devices


Recording of your walks may stop unexpectedly because Xiaomi devices block apps running in the background (or when the smartphone is locked) in order to extend battery life.


To solve this problem, you need to tell your device that Amiko is authorised to run in the background (or when the smartphone is locked). The procedure may be different depending on the Android version of your device.

  1. Go to Phone settings > Apps > Amiko.
    1. Enable all Permissions
    2. Enable Autostart and Start in background
    3. Enable Data in the background without restriction
    4. Disable battery saving mode and the background restrictions
  2. Disable device’s battery saving mode
  3. Before you start recording your walk, close all other apps

By following these tips, Amiko should no longer have recording problems. If the problem persists (or if you have other problems), please feel free to contact me through the Suggestions & Feedback button in the app.