The digital restaurant revolution has started. Picker is a software allowing customers to order and pay from a kiosk or a mobile device.
Using Artificial Intelligence, Picker helps drive restaurants’ profitability by creating personalised menu for customers, optimising labour costs, boosting average cover value, and speeding up table turns.

Main advantages:
– Improve the average order value: Stress-free and better-informed customers order more foods and drinks.
– Increase your sales: Less queues means happier customers every day in your restaurant.
– Regulate the flow of customers at all times: Nobody likes to wait in line for ordering food. Avoid endless queues by optimising your customer flow. Avoid customer frustration by speeding up their order.
– Optimise the time of your resources: Reallocate your resources to better serve your customers.

ClientPicker SRLServicesDesign, Android app, Web appYear2019 - 2020Linkpicker.be